Here is what became of one of the "stock" frame I sold a while ago. Spencer lives just out of Austin and wanted something he could do some light touring and dirt road riding with.

To outfit the bike for Spencer's needs, we added a third water bottle mount under the DT for extended trips in the heat. He then decided on the forest service green and brown to make for a personalized stock setup.

This is wonderfully capable all day fun kinda bike. Loving the pink Pauls!

Photographs by John Watson
Paint by Jay at Circle A
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I posted a few scattered pictures of this bike but never fully explained. It's a mix of steel and carbon tubing. I had worked with Ti/C frames years ago at Seven Cycles, and I built Jon's Road with a carbon seatstay wishbone but this frame went much further with the integration. The headtube, downtube and "lugs" are fillet brazed steel but everything else is carbon.

I came up with this lug design to compliment its owner, and electrical engineer who among other things works with Sparse. Robot is one of the most experienced riders I know, and has raced track, road, 'cross and MTB bikes for years. Who better to test out my prototype?

I thought mixing a classic joining style like fillet brazing with carbon fiber tubes would make for a beautiful and effective frame. Based on what i've heard so far, I might have to make some more of these.

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I finally built myself a new road bike! After a couple big moves over the last years, I had sold off most of my personal bikes and now I'm finally back to riding a road frame of my own making. Feels good, looks too clean for now but i'll remedy that soon enough.

S3 tubing for the front triangle, not something I usually build with but I wanted to get a feel for it and test out on myself. Some Columbus tubing in the rear.

The components are a mix of new/old/borrowed/donated bits and will suit me just fine until I get back in the swing of regular road riding.

Photographs by John Watson
Paint by Jay at Circle A
Built up by Chris Chou
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I built this modern road frame so that Kevin could get back to riding after his last bike got smashed up in a wreck. Constructed with a mix of Columbus Megatubes and True Temper OX Plat. I did some seat stay sleeving for some subtle detail. Kevin built it up with the best! The bike comes to 16.5lbs with Campagnolo Super Record 80th, and ENVE.

I hear it rides pretty darn good too. Can't wait to see some pictures of it out on the roads of Atlanta, GA.

Photographs by Kaylinn Gilstrap
Paint by Bryan Myers
Built by master mechanic Chris Tavel at Loose Nut Cycles
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I shipped this frame right at the end of 2013, Ross wrenched it together himself and put over 400 miles on it the first week! Ross wanted something to replace his CAAD frames as a quick road bike for the aggressive centuries he likes to ride.

I used a mix of Columbus megatubes made of Air, Life and Zona. The HT, ST and SS are True Temper. The fork is from ENVE. Ross like the shape of classic frames too, so I increased the stand-over height so the top tube could be close to level and have less seatpost exposed.

Ross built the frame up with a Ti seat post made by Firefly, Dura Ace and DT240S/Pacenti SL23 wheels.

Paint by Bryan Myers of Fresh Frame
Photos by Laura Diaz-Martinez
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