8.29.11 More coping and really enjoying some Paragon Machineworks drop outs. I used them back at Seven Cycles but this is my firs time using them on an Icarus. I don't know what took me so long. They are lighter and machined much cleaner than all the cast ones I have tried, should make for easier finishing.

Columbus 'AH' mega chainstays like the ones I used on the Leviathan. Sort of a tall diamond profile.

Not much excess material to file off once I am done brazing these!

8.24.11 Bottom bracket compound cope. Working on the Bottom bracket down tube copes. First I cope it to the bottom bracket shell, then I do a compound cope to the top side to fit around the seat tube. Usually its a small thing but with these megatubes, they overlap much more.

What is with the white crust? That is flux. Its brushed on before tacking and brazing, it acts as a temperature gauge, stops the metal from oxidizing and provides a good environment for the brass (or silver) to flow and bond with the steel. Here you see where I tinned (sealed) the front of the seat tube/bottom bracket joint before the down tube gets brazed on over it.

8.24.11. Miters/Coping. A lot of emphasis is placed on brazing, welding and finishing in custom bikes but it all starts with machining. Builders use milling machines or hand tools to make their copes. Here at Icarus I do them all with hand files. Having good copes does more than create a strong joint, they also keep a frame well aligned and ensure the finished frame meets the designed dimensions. A good cope should have no room to wobble, tilt or twist. It should hold its joining tube centered, at the correct angle and oriented properly with the cope at the other end. Its a lot to keep track of but its a key step in making a respectable frame.

Properly machined tubes should rest in the jig at their intended dimensions without being forced into place. If a frame is tacked and brazed/welded into place under tension, it never escapes!

8.16.11. A couple touring bikes I made recently have been built up. Both for guys in NYC and build for the long road, but very different in style. One classically lugged, and the other with a modern shape and finish.
(I dunno why its rotating this image or how to stop it, maybe its just a steep ascent)
This one was built up at Chari & Co, you can check out more pictures of it at their blog.

Oh yeah, I sent out this one while the site was down too! A single speed with a wishbone and internal rear brake routing. Its owner just wanted something optimized for swiftly cruising around town.

8.16.11Oh hello internet! My site has been under construction for a while and I went to Japan for a couple weeks. Now I am back and getting back to the frames. Here are a couple that I just got back from paint. One is a city bike build for 650b wheels with a wide tire and cantilever brakes. It has several Bi-laminate joints, all hand carved. The other is an understated fixed gear with a stainless fork crown and some extra feathers on the seat stays all of which, I managed to not take pictures of in these snapshots. Hopefully I will be able to post some complete bike pictures once these Icari get on the road.

6.15.11 Here are some pictures of those bi-lam joints I was working on a while back. That frame is just about ready for paint but I see a few file marks I want to chase down. There are a few more on my FLICKR.

Also a new set of bi-lams I am getting started on.

6.1.11The first Icarus to make it to Australia has been constructed! Built this one a while back and just got some pictures from Jordan showing me the complete build. A similar aesthetic to Jeremy's track (which is one of my favorites) this time with a little bit of Phil Wood sexiness thrown in.

5.18.11Here is a few shots of starting to sketch out and cut some bi-lam joints for the frame I am working on now.

Mr. John "prolly" Watson
Also, flew into Boston this week to take pictures of my bird and nothing else. At least thats what I think he was here for. He also mentioned something about mind control, getting Geekhouse to collaborate with me on a free frame or something? uhh who knows, i just rub metal bits together.

5.4.11I will be at the New England bike show this weekend in Somerville. Its at the armory, come on by if you're in town and want to chat with a whole bunch of local builders, shops and vendors.

NEBE Website

4.26.11 I am back in town after a week long road trip in Asheville, NC. Went down with some friends to sleep in tents, jump in a river and check out the town.

I am just wrapping up a single speed frame for Mr. Damon out in San Francisco. It has internal routing for the rear brake and a custom wishbone. I will take some pics as soon as I find ma dang camera.

In less cool news, you may notice my pricing changing a bit. Due to big jumps in the cost of silver and paint services, I need to adjust to make sure I can keep doing what I love to do.

4.7.11 Icarus lugged tourer ready for paint, just trying to figure out the scheme. This on is actually going to a different painter than usual. Tim Dixon, who has been painting some of the Royal H frames lately will be tackling it. I have been meaning to get a frame to him for a while now, and can't wait to see how it comes out.

Oh yeah, it also has a spoke holder....i should take pictures of that.

3.23.11 Copper head badge and a Columbus MAX tubeset.

Junie's frame is off at hot tubes getting some sort of hot oil mystery process paintjob from Toby and I am just about finished With Daniel's Lugged tourerer. One special thing he wanted for the frame was a hand carved copped headbadge like I did back on a couple early frames. I cut it out of copper and then punched some little circles in it to be filled with silver. The end effect will be a one of a kind feather badge that has a bit more beat up look, especially one the copper is exposed to the elements of the road.

Oh and look, one of the Columbus MAX tubesets showed up today. It is one of the new batches from Columbus who decided to re introduce the legendary tubeset with the classic shapes but an updated steel alloy. Can't wait to try it out but gotta ignore it for now.

3.8.11 Fine art and frowning frame builders near forks. I don't think I posted about the oil painting our friend Clark Filio made for the philly bike expo last year. We finally got it back and hanging up in our shop. I wonder who those dashing figures are.

Here is Junie's new fork fitted for a low rider front rack, mini v brakes and a fender. Those mounts in the middle go straight through to accommodate one one bolt rather then one one each side.

Brazed in fender mount, just in the back since there won't be a brake going through the front.

more feathers and threaded doodads

3.4.11 Today I tried to take pictures of a frame I just picked up from the painter. Problem is that its gloss black and i can't figure out how the hell to take pictures of it. I can tell you that it has the new Icarus track dropouts, a simple seat tube sleeve, and a big logo on the underside of the downtube. Its headed to the Ukraine! I can't wait until my soviet submarine shows up as payment.

like trying to photograph oil, whatever I just build em. it looks silky slick in person.

3.3.11 A teaser of Junie's new frame nearing completion. More on Flickr

3.3.11 Been moving along on two touring bikes, on opposite ends of the Icarus style/shape continuum. Hopefully I can get them both painted and photographed together. One is lugged....weird huh?

Oh yeah, NAHBS happened! I didn't get to go this year but was happy to hear about Bishop and mr.611 winning some best bike awards. They are some cool dudes. I visited their booths via Greg's ipad on skype who was kind enough to carry me around the show for a bit.

Also, do you live near a Market Basket? For most of my life I would have answered, "no, what is that? Tell me more!", but the shop I moved into a little under two years ago is just two blocks from one.

If you are unfamiliar with the chain, let me tell you about it! everything is cheap, real cheap. You know those giant odwalla jugs that make you think, "I'm not paying $8 for some fruit mash!" well at the Basket, only $4.99 oh and what is that next to the odwalla? A whole roast chicken for $3.99...not a sale, every ding dong day! If that wasn't reason enough, you can also get Ben and Jerry's 2 for $5! What a great way to supplement a mostly ramen and peanut butter frame builder's diet.

2.15.11 Fresh from the dunk tank is Junie's BB. Working on a touring frame right now for a returning customer. I know I am no Kirk frameworks but this bottom bracket braze is looking pretty smooth.

I have another touring bike coming up next, but it will be fully lugged. Something you don't see me doing to often but I am looking forward to it.

A few items of note! Jon's red and black road frame came back from the painter and turned out even better than expected. It was built up the next day and had some photos taken. I don't have those nice complete pictures yet but here are a few teasers of the First Icarus featuring carbon integration and a satin finish on the paintjob.

Also finished up the track bike headed to the Ukraine and dropped it at CircleA. Here are a few snapshots of it with just a little more smoothing out needed. I can't wait to see the drop outs finished. The brass plates are designed to get chewed up a bit by the axle nuts for increased grip. I like the worn look that it will create.

Also sending out a lil something to the painters today and designing and drawing up the next frame. A Mixte-ish light tourer around town jobbie for previous customer Junie.

Ride safe out there! the weather here isn't doing anyone any favors so stay sharp.

1.14.11 Well folks, its the day that none of you have been waiting for!! Only because I never mentioned it here though... the new Icarus Track dropouts are in!

I started working on these over 2 years ago with Aaron Panone of Tangible Design and lickmybalsamic.com. Met him through the cycling community here in Boston and eventually we moved into the same warehouse in Somerville. When he isn't designing fancy breathulator maskes, cooking up food snazzy food, or putting Somerville first, he designs some pretty cool bicycle doodads.

In the past Aarone has helped me make the stainless feathers a reality, engineered new drop outs for Geekhouse Bikes, and worked on the Independent Fabrication ISP seat clamp seen HERE. He has also helped out Quiros custom frames and designed the Rotafixer. Where does he find the time!?!?

I am putting these on a bike as we speak, can't wait to see them finished. Here is a photo of them raw. They feature a brass plate on both the inside and outside faces. These will provide a nice clamping surface for your axle nuts to bit into. They are made from a tough Naval alloy so they are corrosive resistant and not too soft.

12.16.10 Added a road bike picture set to the site and loaded some other goodies onto the Flickr.

Shipped my first bike to Australia! I poorly documented it before I boxed it up. Hopefully Mr. Jordan will send back some pictures of a killer build.

OH YEA!!!! I am also building the first Icarus with some carbon integration, Columbus carbon wishbone seat stays. I used to assemble Ti/Carbon frames over at Seven so its not all new but its been a while and want to make sure it comes out super.

11.27.10 Oh hey blog! Sometimes I forget I am supposed to be updating this thing with interesting and newsworthy content. Ahh well I am making an effort to take more progress pictures as I go, so I have added a flickr link so you can pop on over there and see what I have been up to. check it out.

The raw one up there is going all the way to Australia! Maybe I should start flying out to hand deliver these international bikes, I sure would like to visit all these places that folks are ordering from.

Hope you're all doing well out there, the winter is coming here and its bringing ice too so watch out!

11.2.10Just back from the Philly bike expo and it was a blast. Those folks at Bilenky Sure did a great job organizing this show in its first year.

The booth was packed all weekend and I met all sorts of people. Got to spend some time with frumpy mustache Thomas from Horse and the too well rounded Mr. Bishop

I am working on getting the show bikes photographed properly but you can see some snapshots done my Mr. John Watson Here

10.1.10Keeping it real. real raw that is! This ones getting a clear powder treatment from the Geekhouse boys in Allston. Similar to Jody's track from a while back, this one has a larger diameter downtube, brazed in steel sleeve for 27.2 seatpost, peaked seat stay bridge and a reinforcing plate where the seat stays attach to the top tube.

Keeping the surface rust off while waiting for the powdercoat has been a blast with all this humidity.

9.27.10 This road bike has been around for a bit and I was waiting to unveil it until I got full build pictures but today I got antsy so here are some quick snapshots. Internal cables!
Feathers in the paint transitions!
henry james crown and platinum tube set.

9.25.10 The guys over at Mbike magazine in Greece just started a new fixed gear website called Fixed Gear Athens and it features the interview they did with me in english along with other cool cycling pictures. Check out how they do it in Athens!

9.22.10 In conjunction with the Boston Bike Film Festival, there is a Boston area handbuilt bike show at The Fourth Wall Thursday (tomorrow) where everyone can come by and see works and meet the builders. There are 12 builders showing!

Also, threw on one of Nao's 3rrr top tube protectors onto my original track machine. Let the handlebars swing!
Check out the 3rrr blog.

8.17.10 The Philly Bike Expo is going to be awesome! I will be exhibiting there with fellow shop mate Royal H. Check out the site here: PhillyBikeExpo

This is the first year of the show and is being put on by the Bilenky and the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia. So if you are in the area make sure to check it out.

8.6.10 Brad got his Cross bike all built up and is putting it through the paces before the season starts. can't wait to see some pics or see it in action for myself.

Here it is fresh from the painter. 3x top tube cables and a killer shaped down tube that is bi-oval teardrop from Dedacciai and one of my new favorites.

Check back to see Dan's road bike coming back from paint soon!

7.6.10 Received a care package from Greece today! A short while back Agi Kolyvas from Mbike magazine interviewed me for an article. I can't read a lick of Greek but maybe I should learn with a name like Icarus. The pictures look great!

They also sent along a DVD about urban commuting in Athens which I will be screening tonight with the rest of the folks at the Fringe.

Thanks Agi! I'l love to visit Greece someday, maybe someone will order a frame and I can hand deliver!

6.15.10 Also, sending this 'cross frame down to Circle A for paint this week. You may remember Brad's ultra realistic rendering of how the bike would look when finished from a post a bit ago. The main difference is that now it will be bleach white with black logos, at least until cross season starts.

Super cool Dedacciai downtube.

Continuous housing all routed along the top tube.

Henry James dropouts

6.15.10New site, well a new cool look. You might be thinking, "wow, that Ian is so dreamy, is there anything he can't do?" but in truth, I know nothing of making websites so my good friend Lucian Foehr of Cypher13 does the technical work for me.

Also, the Rando frame I build a while back finally got built up and this is the ST sleeve. Good pictures coming soon, these were taken while Bryan of Royal H was building the custom front rack.

6.11.10 Just a little while back I made a bar stem combo for a friend of mine named Greg. He and Bianca will be riding across the country on custom Geekhouse touring rigs to raise money for Autism.

Check out their trip at:

5.24.10 His name is Finkle, and the bike is a tower, dwarfing most tall bikes. I decided that it was necessary to put the logo underneath the down tube.

Yes, these are 700c wheels. Finkle wanted a double seat tube rig where the rear wheel went between the tubes. Making the chain stays that short is a bad idea, so instead I curved the seat tubes backwards.

5.09.10Happy Mother's day mothers!
Things are all breezy at the Icarus shop and here is a clue to what is being built next. Rendered through the magic of computers (this is not a real picture!) by the soon to be owner, it hints to what may be the FIRST EVER cross Icarus.

Another double seat tube track machine is back from the painter. This one is white as... well white. Opting for no logos, this one is sure to be a subtle beaut. Can't wait to see it built up!

Also, just dropped off a frame for a man named Finkle at the painter. This frame is sure the be as funky as the rider. Boasting a curved double seat tube that stretches half way to the clouds and seat stay setup just as unique, this one is even getting flake in the paint! Stay tuned for pics once its back from Circle A. Or you can get a sneak peek if you visit during their openhouse on May 1st!

Whoa its been a long stretch with no updates. Just yesterday I brought another frame down to Circle A for paint. It is similar in style to Lucian's blue bike with a double seat tube and wishbone seatstays. This new one is getting an all white with no logos (just headbadge). It is going to Rob in Vancouver.

I will be headed down to NAHBS early tomorrow morning with team Geekhouse. This year I am only spectating but I will be bringing a neat bike to ride around town while I am there. You'll have to find me there if you want an early peek. For now this is all I can give you.
Special thanks to Justin Keena of justinkeena.com for taking some nice shots of my bikes.

1.23.10 SHIRTS!
got some shirts in. Very limited quantities. Two colors, take a look. They are for sale, $20 if you want one shoot me an email. Ian@icarusframes.com

1.04.10 Happy new years folks. Things at the Icarus shop are going swell. The next couple bikes coming down the pipe are another track frame for a local racer/mechanic, a brand new track annihilating machine for Mr. Jody Pogue, and a daily beat track frame for Tron down in NYC.

You may remember Jody as the owner of the first official Icarus, this one:
In the past couple years Jody has become quite the track racer so now I will build him a more specialized track frame. He loves the fit already so the main difference will be larger diameter tubes, 1 1/8" HT, and thinner tube walls to save some weight. I am really excited to see this one in action this spring!

12.17.09 Jeff stopped by the shop and took some more shots of his frame, I think they give a more accurate look at the color. here are a few.

Also, just tacked up Saul's Randonneur frame. Can't wait for our tank refill to show up so that I can start brazing it.

11.30.09 The bar/stem combo for the film festival was won by local fast man Armando. Unfortunately the only picture I snapped was this one.

11.17.09 Making a true track racing frame for Zack that is coming together nicely. Its fully brazed and the fork is built, now its time to finish.

Still trying to nail down the paint scheme for Jeff's frame and also built a bar/stem combo using some Nitto drops as a prize at the upcoming Boston Bike Film Festival.

11.4.09 Jeff's track monsterpiece is ready for the painter and I can't wait to see how it looks once its all gussied up. check out the neat seat tube sleeve and wishbone.

Next I will be working on a track racing frame for Zack and a rando frame for Saul.

10.14.09 Still OPEN HOUSE!
but also, stems and bars in the works. The stem features double bolts for the bars and will surely end up with a feather somewhere. The bars are a similar style to the drops I made before in that they are a one piece bar-stem system (or stemless some might say) but these ones are urban pursuit style. I just soaked the flux off but the braze is already real smooth.

Come on by the open house to check out the bar, stem, Junie's Track and the first Icarus road frame!

10.13.09 OPEN HOUSE!
On October 17th, we are having an open house at 9 Olive square, Somerville. Our warehouse, the Fringe Movement, will be opening its doors for you to drop by and see what we all do here. Come on be between 12noon and 10pm to chat, snack and check out what we do! Other folks in here do everything from mechanical engineering, to fashion design and printmaking. Come say hello!

10.4.09 Junie's frame is now on the site and will have fully built up pictures soon. He went all out with couplers, and a matching stainless fork crown and 3 color paint...and it turned out amazing. Look for it rolling around NYC soon!

I dropped Will's road frame off at the painter and am looking forward to picking that one up too.

9.22.09 There is a new jig in town...in the shop. Up until this point Bryan of Royal H Cycles and I have been sharing a Henry James Jig. Now we have an Arctos style jig too and it should keep us from running into each other. I am working on calibrating it now and can't wait to test it out.

Also! Stems! I now have some great stem building fixtures machined by Sputnik and will start offering stems as soon as I get some test ones done.

9.15.09 The S&S track frame is down at Circle A getting a schnazzy paintjob. It features a stainless fork crown to match the couplers and some swooping seat stays. Here are a couple teasers.

Also, started William's road frame two days ago and its all tacked up. Although I have worked on all sorts of frames over at Seven Cycles, this will be the first Icarus road frame to hit the street!

8.22.09 The shop is ready! I will be working on a S&S track frame next. It going to feature a stainless fork crown and custom bent seat stays. Pictures soon!

8.18.09 Just got back from the bike tour! It was a very nice vacation but I missed building. The new shop space is really coming along nicely due to Bryan of Royal H during my absence.

7.14.09 On the road tomorrow. Heard from Lucian today, his new dirt track frame is all built up!

7.7.09 I am headed out of town to go bike touring! I will be starting in Milwaukee and taking a winding route through the West. Upon my return, I will be making Icarus my full time work. I will be resuming work on Sep 1st in a new shop space. More details then!

6.12.09 Lucian's Custom Track won Editors Choice over at Boutique Cycles!

6.2.09 I have started work on Lucian's second Icarus frame. He decided to take his original double seat tube bike on some dirt trails as seen in these pictures.

/ (1 of 1)

He says it feels great but is has me worried. It just wasn't designed for off road! So now he wants a new track frame made to take a beating. I am using some big ol' shaped tubes which is new for me. As always, I am using hand files to do the coping and they definitely take some getting used to.

/ (1 of 1)

5.26.09 I have finished the display bike for the Open bike shop. Once it gets painted it will be on display and for sale so go check it out. Here is a little taste of it still all fluxed up.

5.17.09 We had an open house over the weekend and Nikola came up to grab his new frame. He went with black paint with a red pearl topcoat and it turned out really neat. Check it out.

4.18.09: Nikola's S&S Track bike is finished and off to the painters. It turned out great and was even shown in the raw at the Open Bicycle grand opening.

3.20.09: Miguel Picked up his frame today and we took some quick pictures, check them out. I will get some better ones when the bike is all together. If you are in the Boston area, you will be able to see the bike in person at the Open Bicycle grand opening coming up soon.

3.19.09: The new track bars are in a box headed to Jody in NYC. he is testing them out at the Red Hook criterium next weekend among other places. Starting Nikola's track bike with S&S couplers this week.

3.3.09: I just got back from NAHBS in Indianapolis. There was a ton of amazing bikes at the show and I will have pictures up in flickr shortly. I stayed at the Hufnagel compound with Jordan, Matt and Nate from Signal Cycles.

2.15.09: I decided to post the first frame I made back at the Yamaguchi Frame Building School. It is still my race bike, but my frame building technique has come a long way since then.

2.09.09: I am switching the page around a bit so that each bike has one picture up and you can click on it to see others from the set. Should make things easier as more bikes accumulate.

1.26.09: Tonight I started making sketches for a custom Icarus track dropout. Also, I have all the materials to make the prototype track handy bars i've been thinking up.

1.12.09: I will be starting the next frame shortly. Just waiting to work out the fork details and pitch my ideas for the frame design to the customer.

1.5.09: I am working on getting some Icarus shirts made with a screen printer in Brooklyn. I will let you know when the first batch arrives.

11.27.08: Welcome to the temporary Icarus site! We'll be adding functionality in the months ahead.

11.20.08: Delivered bike no. 3 to Lucian in Boulder, CO.