This is a Columbus MAX track bike fit for a ViKing! Made from the newly reissued legendary Columbus tube set. We decided to size up to an 1 1/8" head tube and fork for more stiffness. The fork was a collaboration between Icarus and Geekhouse Bikes. I took their segmented Yo Marty fork, cut down the shoulders added some lug details and laid brass over the welds.

The head tube joints are something totally new. They are bi-laminate style with some added internal lugging that can be seen with the cutouts in the top and down tubes. Its not all about making things time and money efficient, but making them beautiful. The metallic paint looks flawless on the large diameter tubes and smooth fillets. It will look just as good down the road when it is chipped and scratched.

Photographs by John "Prolly" Watson
Painted by Bryan Myers.
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